The Mission

The Mission of the University Department of Health Studies, University of Split is to implement a modern educational system of health professionals based on clearly defined knowledge, skills, learning outcomes and attitudes aimed at providing health services, protecting, and promoting health and quality of life for people in the wider community with the greatest possible responsibility and work ethics.  

The Vision

To develop, maintain, and improve educational content that follow modern European and world standards to meet the needs of students, health professions and health professionals, and contribute to the satisfaction and well-being of the academic and general community and the Republic of Croatia.

University undergraduate and graduate study programmes and professional study programmes are organized in modules for all years and study programmes in accordance with principles of the Bologna Declaration, with detailed learning outcomes that ensure an appropriate degree of independence and responsibility for working in medical and paramedical teams.

The curricula of all courses have been developed according to the qualification standards of the Croatian Qualifications Framework, which is fully harmonized with the European Qualifications Framework, and they ensure registration in the EU Database of Regulated Professions. It is accomplished by a well-organized schedule of preclinical, clinical, and particularly professional education, in accordance with strategic documents of development of science, teaching and professional work, training and advancement, and scientific education of young staff, consistently implementing the ESG standards of the Regulations on Quality Assurance System of the UDHS.

To meet all prerequisites to become a place of work and development for the best health professionals, researchers and teachers, and a place of study for the best students from Croatia and abroad.

To maintain and expand educational content (new study programmes, specialist study programmes, specializations, micro specializations, acquisition of partial level 7 qualification, etc.) in line with European and advanced world contents of higher education of health professionals including the science as a discipline based on different competencies of health professionals and bioethical principles in health care, and the promotion of lifelong learning for all health professionals in accordance with the needs of the labour market and community service.

To strengthen the international reputation of the UDHS by applying the best Croatian and European criteria for ensuring the quality of work at the University Department of Health Studies, and by conducting Croatian and international evaluations and ranking. In this sense, we expect the widest cooperation with international scientific institutions and faculties with full, two-way mobility of experts, scientists, teachers, students, and administrative staff with a goal to develop the UDHS into a high-quality scientific and educational institution of regional importance.

To design, create, and implement activities aimed at maintaining and improving health and disease prevention in the immediate and wider community, and implement new economic and health projects, which will strengthen the social dimension of the UDHS academic activities in the community, with significantly greater opportunities for self-financing and self-preservation.

To work continuously on the improvement and development of all processes of effective management of the UDHS human and material resources in accordance with the Plan for the establishment and development of financial management and control.

To strive persistently to achieve and maintain a high level of quality and equipment of business premises and the environment, teaching facilities and research laboratories to ensure a healthy, safe, and stimulating professional environment.

University of Split
University Department of Health Studies
35 P.P. 464, Ruđera Boškovića Street
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